"It's not how smart you are,
it's how you're smart."

Howard Gardner


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The Curiosity box has been designed to build confidence in students who find traditional classroom teaching frustrating. The contents of this box will encourage practical exploration, experimentation, invention and problem solving. We will use the idea of Multiple Intelligences to demonstrate that there are lots of different ways to be clever and give students the confidence to embrace their own learning style.

Our aim is to show students that learning is not something which is predetermined and confined to the classroom, but rather a lifelong adventure of which they can take ownership. So many students become disenchanted at a very young age simply because the methods used in the classroom don’t engage them. We want to show them that learning is a creative and interactive process which is happening all around them. By sparking their interest, we hope to give them the confidence to face the challenges of school without feeling alienated.

Items include: projects and practical activities; a workbook filled with fun facts and information to give context to their learning; competitions and challenges to build confidence; collectables and rewards to boost motivation.

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Flexibility Guaranteed

Remember, we want you to be completely happy with your child’s Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes. That’s why you can swap boxes as often as you like, cancel your subscription at any time and, if you don’t like your first box, we’ll even offer you a full refund.

Example Box - Bird Theme

Each of our boxes comes with an exclusive workbook bursting with activities, information and encouragement, along with customised items matching that month's theme. They also contain a range of handpicked educational products, examples of which are listed below.

  1. Ornithopter - great for focus, fine motor skills and patience
  2. Birdhouse and sticker book - for general knowledge, creativity and attention to detail
  3. Magnapuzzle - great for spatial reasoning, perseverance and concentration
  4. Origami research project - to help students assimilate knowledge

    ...alongside plenty of competitions and challenges to build confidence