We believe learning should be fun

and imaginations should run wild

We believe learning should be fun and imaginations should run wild


In the fourth in our series outlining the “7 c’s” from Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas’ book Educating Ruby, we’re turning our attention to communication. “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw “Communication is everyone’s panacea for everything” – Tom Peters One of the… Read More


Hello again! We’re continuing our series on on the list of attributes we should try to foster in our children (according to Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton, in their book Educating Ruby). Our last two newsletters focussed on confidence and curiosity. This week’s topic may seem a less obvious choice, but read on to find… Read More

May’s Boxes – Ornithology

Our May boxes have landed safely with our subscribers and everyone’s been busy filling their minds with all things ornithological.   Here’s a little glimpse at what they’ve been up to… Our Curiosity kids were sent ornithopters to build so that they could understand the science behind how a bird flies. They’re currently competing to… Read More


In our last news post we looked at the importance of instilling confidence in children in order to help them to embrace their own unique skillset and to see it as a work in progress which is under their control. This week, we’re looking at the second of the seven ‘c’s outlined in Educating Ruby… Read More


Here at Lucky Gecko, we’re constantly looking for ways of reimagining education. The book “Educating Ruby” by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas is a powerful read for those of us who feel that the school system is no longer preparing students for the realities of the world they will live in. In particular, their identification… Read More

Well hello there!

Welcome to a brand new chapter for Lucky Gecko. Some of you may already know us from our previous incarnation as Lucky Gecko Tuition, while others may be new to the party. However you found us, we’re delighted you could make it! For those of you that don’t know, we’ve used our 12 years of… Read More