Our mission is to inspire children

to think differently about their education.

Our mission is to inspire children to think differently about their education.


Learning sometimes gets a bad rap. For many adults, it conjures up images of being trapped in a classroom, being talked at and repeating things like a parrot. It’s the thing we had to do before we were allowed to do the things we wanted to do.

We’re determined that the next generation won’t grow up thinking like that.

Learning should be an adventure which will last a lifetime. It is what makes the world exciting. The more we know, the more we want to know. The more we search, the more mysteries we find.

Here at Lucky Gecko our mission is to inspire children to think differently about their education and take back control of how they learn.

Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes are designed to get children connecting the dots between what they learn at school and the world around them. Knowledge doesn’t (and shouldn’t) break down into simple, separate chunks. Geography is History, History is Literature, Music is Maths and Sport is Science. Everything connects, and finding those connections is both inspiring and empowering.

Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes teach children about the world, about themselves and about others. But they also give them the confidence to be curious, to dream and to think for themselves. 

Who are we?

Charlie, the founder of Lucky Gecko Discoveries, worked for more than twelve years as a tutor – providing out-of-school support to hundreds of children aged between 7 and 18.

As well as helping students prepare for exams, stretch themselves or improve their marks in a particular subject, Charlie was passionate about helping students develop confidence in their own, unique abilities. She found that getting them to believe that they could do something was often the key to making it happen.

Lucky Gecko Discoveries was founded on exactly the same principles. Our aim is to use our experience and expertise to inspire children to think beyond the classroom, understand their own learning style and embrace their unique set of talents.

We want to help educate, challenge and inspire the whole child – not just focus on getting them through their next exam. We want to get kids out in the world – exploring, inventing, creating and asking questions; believing in themselves and trusting in their abilities.

We believe learning should be fun. The world should be exciting. And imaginations should run wild. We only get one shot at childhood. Let’s make theirs amazing.

Why use our boxes?

People subscribe to Lucky Gecko Discoveries for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s to encourage a child that hasn’t yet found their passion. Or one that can clearly achieve spectacular things but just isn’t inspired by traditional school-based learning.

Some subscriptions are bought for children who find a particular area of learning really hard, and need to hear that despite that (or because of it!), they are still amazing.

Other parents, guardians, relatives or friends subscribe because they care for a child who just loves to learn, and they are exhausted trying to find ways to satisfy their knowledge!

Whatever the situation, we can help. 

Who are they for?

We believe that Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes would benefit every child at the upper end of KS2, and that every child would benefit in a totally unique way. Whether they need support, inspiration or a new approach to learning, we have a box which will help.

Why not try a box and see what wonders are waiting to be unlocked in your child?